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February 2016

This was a favorite project of mine. I produced, directed, choreographed, and designed lights/set/sound/costumes for the piece.

I took a few different translations/adaptations of "Antigone," spliced what I liked together, added movement-based storytelling, and cut the whole thing down to 70 minutes. It started with a dance/fight under periodic strobes, included a gigantic cat's cradle, and featured original masks.

For the set, I made a long pool in the middle of a raised platform, representing a river. It was lit with 45 pixel-mapped LEDs from below so that I could program ripple effects. 5 tulle "spirits" bordered the playing space, lit in different colors, mirroring the five principal deaths of the play.

This was an extra special project, as the cast and crew joined together to donate all of their stipends to the Players' Ring Theatre.

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