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I first came to theatre through writing, as part of my high school's inaugural "Page to Stage" program. In the summer of 2003, a group of students adapted and staged "Romeo and Juliet" set in Northern Ireland. That experience taught me how joyful it can be to tell a story.

I view every writing project as a chance to learn, to live in a different moment or place. So, I enjoy working across genres and styles, from Absurdism to political satire to horror. 

"There's so much packed into this piece. This one is going to linger in your soul a while.


"A deliciously satisfying piece of psychological horror; its script's turns and the play's production value are tailor-made for a blood-curdling Halloween experience.

"[It}doesn't derive its terror from running blood, or easy jump-scares. Instead it creeps in and envelops like fog, puts the nerves on edge, and steadily fans our deepest fears.

Stat Geek Still (2).png


Play titles below link to scripts on New Play Exchange.

The true story of a sports talk radio enthusiast and stats whiz. As his relationship with Boston's favorite show blossoms, his struggle with a vicious eating disorder intensifies.

"Stat Geek" won first place at the 2021 Powerstories Voices of Truth Festival, where it premiered. 

A new, nightmarish adaptation for a small ensemble. This version focuses on horror, the gothic sublime, and Victor's shattered psyche. "A deliciously satisfying piece of psychological horror."

Co-written with Brian Paul, Moonmates is full-length comedy about two bumbling stewards of a for-profit lunar installation. When their decrepit space station goes on the fritz, they struggle to keep from exploding.

The tale of two fools stuck indoors during an apocalyptic blizzard. As the snow piles higher and higher and body parts fall off, they are forced to confront their greatest fears. Written in the tradition of the Theatre of the Absurd.

When an exploding puddle appears in a Kansas parking lot, an unstoppable chain of events is set in motion. This cycle play features eight two-character scenes. Each scene moves closer to the top of the U.S. social food chain, examining your favorite All-American problems along the way. Oh, and it's narrated by a mystical cowboy bard.

A 10-minute play. Two pharmaceutical test subjects meet at a drug trial where the needles are very big.

A 10-minute play. On the night of his brother's funeral, John Keats challenges his friend Leigh Hunt to a drunken sonnet writing competition. The subject: crickets. Based on a true story.

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