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Bridges of Madison County

Hackmatack Playhouse, Berwick Maine, July 2018
Set Design by Dane Leeman

Directed by Danielle Howard
Photos by Michael Turner

I pulled double duty on this beautiful beast of a show, called in relatively late in the process to design both lighting and projections.

Lighting the mid-sized proscenium space in an old barn with only 24 dimmers was a challenge in and of itself. Plus, I only had three days to turn the plot around from another show, with a minimal amount of support staff. I brought in a quartet of my own moving lights to help get me out of trouble.

The projection design was a labor of love. ~80 unique projections served as the 3+ hour play's backdrop, spanning clouds, stars, farmland, photos, and animations. I made flowing river graphics, created live "sketches," and processed hundreds of photographs that I took-- including several of the lead actress in front of a green screen, edited to look like the Roseman Bridge in Iowa.

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